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Creme De Coco Masque

Product Description
An indulgent masque with a trio of tropical butters which bestows intensive moisture, softness, silkiness and gloss.

Who: Ideal for dry or dull hair, but good for all types (except super-fine); especially coconut lovers and island hoppers; colour compatible.
When: Once a week (or as often as you like); following Creme de Coco Shampoo.
How: After washing with Creme de Coco Shampoo, squeeze a generous amount into palm and work through clean, wet hair; leave on for 7-10 minutes (or longer); for added moisture, wrap in a warm towel or sit in the sunshine (you can even leave it in overnight).




Deeep Masque

Product Description
A once-a-week protein feast to repair, soften, smooth, revitalize, add shine & increase elasticity – a must for the chemically treated, sun-damaged & undernourished.

Who: Normal-to-dry types; especially good for chemically treated.
When: Once a week, for twenty minutes (maximum), under heat if possible.
How: In the salon or at home: wash hair, apply evenly when damp, not dripping-wet. Swaddle head with cling wrap, a warm towel, a shower cap (or all three). For optimal effect, sit under a lamp, a dryer, in a steam room, a sauna, or simply, the sun.




Thickening Serum

Product Description
Wearing thin? This nightly, leave-in treatment fattens and fortifies over time for thicker, stronger strands and fuller hair (really).

Who: Those wearing thin, the fine, and the ultra-fine.
When: Nightly. Twice-daily for the ultra-fine.
How: Before bed, pump serum into palms 2 or 3 times; work into roots and through damp or dry hair. Longer hair types should pump again and be sure to smooth through ends.



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